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Payment security is an highly important issue for us, which we ensure constantly with the highest standards. All data on our site is encrypted using a secure server with the worldwide approved SSL certificate. This encryption is an important level of security to effectively prevent access from third persons. You can recognize the encryption by the lock symbol next to the domain name in the address field of your browser.

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You can pay easily with the online payment system PayPal. Notice that you need to be registered to use the system. You will receive more information during the process.

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As a family business that has been selling carpets online since 1998, we have a grown history and sound expertise in the online trade of these valuable handicraft pieces. We know what our customers want and what it takes to make them happy. For example, you have the choice between the most modern and secure payment methods and are at the same time protected free of charge by the buyer protection of Trusted Shops. The numerous reviews on Trusted Shops about our online shop also speak for themselves.

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